Beyond Green Design: Living Architecture is the title of the presentation of our newest speaker, Dr Ollie Cotsaftis.

Ollie Cotsaftis
Ollie Cotsaftis

It’s not just the photo that is different from other speaker’s photos. Ollie’s topic is unique as well. He will share what is beyond green design in the future: living architecture. We had a coffee not long ago and his designs and views changed my perception of what is possible. Personally, I can’t wait to hear him speaking at Future Life Conference.

He is a post-disciplinary and speculative designer whose practice sits at the intersection of the human evolution, the built environment and the realm of creative biotechnologies. An RMIT School of Design Industry Fellow and Lecturer, his research addresses climate resilience and social innovation in speculative urban futures. Ollie is also the founder and creative director of future ensemble studio, the co-founder of Melbourne Speculative Futures—the Melbourne Chapter of The Design Futures Initiative—experiments with new ideas through his visual art practice, and most recently started a column on speculative and critical design for the This is HCD network.
Hope to see you at the event.

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