Dr. Amanda Cahill

Amanda is the CEO of The Next Economy and founder of the Centre for Social Change. She has spent nearly 25 years working with inspiring people all around the world to create positive change on issues as diverse as livelihoods and economic development; health and wellbeing, women’s empowerment; and climate change action. Over the last five years she has been working with communities across Australia to strengthen regional economies by embracing the transition from fossil fuels to a zero emissions economy. Amanda has a PhD in Human Geography from The Australian National University and is an Associate of the University of Queensland and the Sydney Policy Lab.

The title of Amanda’s talk is Embracing Change: Emerging Opportunities for a Brighter Future. Everywhere we look, there are doom and gloom forecasts of the future that awaits. But what if the disruptions we are currently facing: climate change, global economic uncertainty; environmental degradation and growing inequality offered us the opportunity to build a better, fairer and more ecologically sustainable future for everyone? What can we do? And how do we bring others along with us?

To find out, come along to the conference on the 24th of April at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. Tickets are still available at https://futurelifeconference.com/2020/ 

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